Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Modern Questions

If the left is so worried about Trump abusing office, why are Congressional Democrats resisting their Republican peers' efforts to claw back executive authority?

If you think Russian hacking during the election was (a) pernicious, (b) effective, and (c) part of a clear trend of election meddling, why haven't I seen an op-ed in a major news publication questioning whether President Obama might be a nincompoop for letting it happen?

Speaking of, if you find disturbing PEOTUS's fondness for an authoritarian regime that scorns liberal values, that helps prop up the Syrian government, and that sponsors proxy wars via militias on its neighbors' soil, how do you feel about rapprochement with Iran?

If men won't take the pink-collar jobs in health care because masculine egos preclude women's work, why are there a quarter million vacancies in construction and trucking?

Do you still think monied interests determine election outcomes?  If not, do you miss those times you thought they did?

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